Creating Her Future

She will make over a million and a half dollars.

She will own fourteen mobile phones, seventeen computers and eight tablets.

She will buy 82% of all major goods and services online, including cars, furniture, appliances, electronics, housewares and vacations. She'll hire realtors, architects, builders, plumbers, electricians and lawncare services on her mobile phone.

She will live her life in a two story rectangular framed box. Amoung a field of them.

Where is art? Where is faith? What is there to believe in?

DorseyArts creates inspiring original Christian art. Art that lifts and art that convicts. DorseyArts creates work for kids. And art for fun. Affordable original art. And DorseyArts will design a facelift for your house or that stale interior. With intimate knowledge of Palladio, Mies van der Rohe, the IRC and local building code. you could live in with something beautiful.