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Draw, Design, Digitize, DorseyArts.

Drawings on paper are available. Drawings are done in pencil, marker conti crayon and occasionally pastels. Drawings are also created using software and they are sold as pieces in a signed and numbered print run, much like etchings.

Digital art is available. Created using software, works are sold as pieces in a signed and numbered print run as well.

Digital art can be printed on canvas.

Most digital art can be resized, even to billboard dimensions, without the loss of quality.

Digital art can be appear on any electronic screen.

Paintings on canvas are available. They are one of a kind originals. Works range from 8" by 10" to 4 by 6 feet.

Sculpture is created in carved plaster blocks. These are original one of a kind works. Sculpture is aso created in cast bronze. These may be one of a kind or part of a signed edition.

Steel, iron, copper and aluminum welded works are created and these are original one of a kind works as well.

Occasionally works is carved in wood. More rarely, constructed from found objects.

Architectural trim can be designed and installed. This is done on exteriors and interiors. Usually federalist styles are used. Occasionally Palladian proportions and types are used.

Architectural models have been created.

Furniture is available as a DIY design or a studio creation.

Architectural blueprints are available in color coded, to scale versions in plan, section, and elevation views, in any size with IRC code references as required.

All the work described here is shown in this site