A Lifetime of Creativity

A summa cum laude graduate of Towson University in 1980 with a major in fine art, Chip worked as a commercial artist and then as an art director and creative director in Baltimore ad agencies, until launching his own agency with a partner in 1992. Clients began to ask that ads, brochures, video, even radio spots be created in the new "digital" format. It was expensive but faster, more reliable and easier to proof. Apple work stations and Adobe software became agency standards. Then the internet arrived. Everything could be published on servers. Chip created his first client website in 1994. By 1998 the business was grossing a million yearly, so he sold the agency to devote himself to websites and interactive projects, forming his own company, Metasphere Media. By 2013 it seemed all the world was online.

Chip left internet development to take up the new challenge. Use the new tools and a lifetime's visual experience to create art. Modern art. Digital art. Relavent art. And find an answer to the creation of real contemporary life changing Christian art.

Now it's all the same. For the first time. DorseyArts is the studio for the visual creativity of Chip Dorsey. One that expresses personal faith.

Chip first sold an artwork in 1968

Chip produced commercial art from 1978 to 1992

Chip created digital work from 1992 to 2013